Photography is a window into your life and your heart, at any moment in time. With each passing day, the people we love grow and change, almost imperceptibly. Photography allows you to look back and see the things you couldn’t see.

 I offer services for newborn, baby, maternity, birth story, children and family photography. Please click through to explore my passion for beautiful photography that captures your essence.

Capture this special moment in time


In this moment, you are a goddess. You glow with the promise of new life, and a growing family. In this moment, your body is ripe with love. Maternity photos help you remember this magic time leading up to when you meet the product of this intense love.

 Giving birth is the most powerful experience. You go in, excited, uncertain and you come out a different person, somehow even more in love.
I can help you tell your birth story. You will own professional, archival photos of the most intimate and special moments of your growing family. I am respectful of your needs and space, discreet and honoured to chronicle your life-changing moment—the moment you meet your child for the first time.

Capture your radiant glow


When it comes to newborns and babies, the smallest details make the most significant impact on our hearts. 

From their impossibly tiny toes, to their wrinkly, perfect hands opening up to the world for the first time, baby photography helps you hold on to the unique and special details of your little ones.

My specialized training in posing newborns, and a warm inviting environment will put you at ease and allow you to enjoy the beauty of our session.

Capture the smallest details of your biggest joy


Shy or bold, determined or cautious, bright, lively and lovely. All children are unique and each of them hold a special place in your heart.

Children are so incredibly fun to photograph. They are exciting and wild. Nothing holds them back from being who they truly are. It’s an amazing thing to have memories of these special little people as they grow.

Our little ones evolve so quickly. Give yourself and them the timeless gift of a peek into their little selves. 

Capture the stages of their discovery


Family is at our core. We build them, shape them, aspire and hope for them. They bring us together and they give us meaning and purpose. Family is everything. 

A family session can become a tradition—giving you glimpses of time. With how busy we are, the day to day can easily pass us by. Photographs allow you to live in the moment and seize the day, over and over again. 

Capture THE love you share


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